Global Scholars Honors Program


Fedde’s Global Honors Program prepares students with the skills necessary to attend a four-year university by providing a rigorous curriculum and equipping all scholars with the academic stamina required at the post-secondary level.

Global Scholars (Honors Students) are at the top of their class and very self-motivated. They go above and beyond to attain their goals and are exemplary scholars.

Global Scholars | Honors Program Courses

Scholars are enrolled:
  • Advanced Math - Students complete three years of math in only two years of middle school!
  • Honors English - Students must read classic novels and participate in a morning class to enhance their skills.
  • Honors Science - Students participate in labs and STEM activities.
  • Honors History- Available in 8th grade for recommended students. Students generate projects with our award winning National History
  • Day teacher.

Academic Showcase

7th and 8th grade Honors students present one of their most noteworthy assessments or assignments at the end of the 1st quarter and 3rd quarter. Students showcase an assignment they are proud to show the principal, parents, teachers, and the community. Click the picture to see more images from our past showcase!

A group of honor students.

Student meetings and presentations

The Global Scholars Honors Program holds meetings for students after school and before school.

During the meetings students prepare for upcoming events, fundraising, learn about college information, present their community service projects, and participate in community building activities.

Take a look at what our amazing honors students have been up to this year!

Click the album to see all our activities this year!

Guest Speakers
Students learn and meet guest speakers in various fields.


Past speakers have included:
  • a NASA/JPL Engineer
  • a Virgin Galactic Engineer
  • a Boeing Engineer
  • a Disney animator
  • Nurses
  • Attorneys/Lawyers
  • Labor Union Workers
  • a Entomologist and Herpetologist

For more information contact Ms. Gomez

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone number (Call or Text): (562) 278-1406